Mayor's Marathon Club

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The Mayor's Marathon Club is a fitness program that recognizes children for running 26.2 miles or more throughout the academic year.

Students at select schools run a pre-determined distance during lunch or at their own leisure. The miles are tracked throughout the academic year by on-site teachers and staff. Classrooms provide incentives for miles ran, while city mayors provide special distinction to students that complete a goal of 26.2 miles.




The Mayor's Marathon Club operates under three principles:


1. Personal Responsibility: We believe consistent  physical activity improves academic performance, self-confidence and the life-long benefits of going the extra mile.

2. Civic Engagement: We believe exposure with elected officials will educate and foster relationship from which a budding ownership over the city will grow.


3. Future Investment: We believe our children's dreams are the future. When we unleash their energies to chase and achieve their dreams they awaken the power to change the world.




The Mayor's Marathon Club unites residents, the business community, city government around schools to improve youth health and fitness. The effort is to end the grip of preventable disease ailing cities across the nation. Building a healthier city requires that communities be united.


Join as a volunteer or sponsor to help kids run this town.

Getting kids active at a young age can benefit them well into their senior years. Help them find an exercise they enjoy, and they’ll never stop exercising.


"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano"


This Latin expression is loosely translated as a healthy mind in a healthy body.  As our Fit City mantra, it expresses the theory that a healthy and fit body is an integral component of an active and fit brain. Countless studies demonstrate that consistent exercise improves brain health and function. 


The Mayor's Marathon Club was created in a joint partnership between the Children's Network of Solano County, Healthy Cooking with Kids, and the SOFITCITY Health & Fitness campaign. Additionally, the Mayor's Marathon Club is supported by the mayor's office in each respective city.  

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Thank you for running this town!