Meet these local leaders who have joined SOFITCITY to change their cities for the healthier.

BENICIA: Coach Nancy Martinez

At Soaring Phoenix Fitness, Nancy works to encourage clients to soar higher and stronger than ever before. As a full time school teacher and NASM certified trainer with a physiology background, Nancy understands the complexities that impede fitness success. You may have crashed before, but your past is not your future. Don't let fear keep you down. Connect with Nancy on social for available times and local camps. 


The "ankh" symbol is one of the most recognizable and  mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphs, dating back as far as 3150 years BC. The symbol represents life, the "key to life." Ankh Fitness owner and founder, AJ literally embodies the symbol like few trainers could. Improving, extending and living your best life is the essence of his practice and the heart of his inspiration. Tour his new facility in Suisun City and level up more than just your body; level up your life. 

FAIRFIELD: Coach Joey Hoey

The Fitness Coalition is where athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels come together with a common goal in mind: to get as fit as possible by using the most effective exercise and nutrition program around. The primary approach used at The Fitness Coalition is CrossFit. With Coach Joey you will run, jump, row, lift weights, do pull-ups, throw balls, squat, jump rope, and much more. Changing your body will be hard, but it can be fun! Check out his new facility in Fairfield, California!

VALLEJO: Coach Derrick Clark

The Fit4Yu Body Shop in Vallejo, California is the ultimate for high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. You'll experience a high octane mix of cardio, strength, core and sculpting moves in a specialized format for a fun workout completely tailored to your total body. Each body-changing session takes place in a safe, positive, supportive environment celebrating camaraderie, endorphins and positive energy! 

Thank you for running this town!